Proprietary Products

We are committed to using only the finest premium ingredients in our products and to using only the best processes known in the production of our products. Our proprietary products do not contain any Trans Fatty Acids.

The Famous Famiglia extra virgin first cold-pressed olive oil is produced in Italy. Its rich olive-green color and silky smooth texture can mean only one thing - it's of the finest quality olives. The Famous Famiglia olive oil is cholesterol free and contains no trans-fatty acids. Great taste and good for you!

Our sauces are produced with the finest tomatoes from the California region of the U.S. Plump, red, and full of life, our tomatoes are put through the Fresh-Pack® process. This process guarantees that from the moment the tomato is picked from its loving vine until it is vacuum sealed with our ingredients, all of the intermittent steps in the process are completed within a 6-hour period. You simply can't get better tomato sauce.

The Famous Famiglia brand of premium mozzarella cheese is made of 100% pure whole-milk. We do not use fillers, inferior cheese substitutes, or low-cost cheese blends. Our cheese specification is stringent; it has to be if it is to receive the Famous Famiglia seal of approval. Our cheese is not only great tasting, but it's also good for you.

The Famous Famiglia premium spaghetti and penne pastas are made from 100% durum semolina and are produced in the old fashioned manner in the Naples region of Italy. These fun pastas are simply delicious and provide a healthy meal to any diet.

The Famous Famiglia brand of flour is produced in a milling and packing process which includes our proprietary specification and recipe blend.

The Famous Famiglia coffee line of products is produced in Ecuador by a fourth-generation purveyor that's as passionate about their beans as we are about our pizza. The process of properly shelling, drying out, and toasting each bean individually is a tradition that they have passed down for generations. At the glorious end, the bean reaches a perfect color, aroma, flavor, texture and roast that make it worthy of the Caffé Famiglia seal. Come, enjoy our award winning coffee. We offer Espresso, Arabica, and Decaffeinated flavors.

Well, Mother Nature makes it in abundance. And since consistency is important to us, we believe using a consistent water source for the production of our pizza dough is essential in ensuring this consistency. That's exactly why we bottle New York natural spring water and use it across every Famous Famiglia location in the United States, and in many locations abroad, in the preparation of the pizza dough. Perhaps we're taking this consistency thing a bit far, but our customers deserve it!