Famous Famiglia Enters The Africa market

December 5, 2016
Famous Famiglia is proud to announce its entry in the Africa market with its first location to open soon in the capital city of Accra in Ghana. “We are very excited about the arrival of the Famous Famiglia brand in Ghana; this marks the first location for the brand in the continent of Africa,” states Giorgio Kolaj, company co-founder.

Abu Dhabi Location Set to Open

10.2014 – Famous Famiglia is excited to announce that the company’s first location in the Middle East is under construction. Famous Famiglia will open at the premiere Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The shopping mall boasts more than 2.7 million square feet in built up area and is the capital city’s largest shopping center.

Location to Open in Mexico

10.2014 – Famous Famiglia announces that it was awarded a location at Puerto Vallarta International Airport, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The new location is set to open in December of this year, welcoming the many tourists and travelers. This airport is a major transportation hub to North American air travelers.

Quito International Airport in Ecuador Opening!

08.2012 – Famous Famiglia is excited to announce that it will be opening it’s first location in South America at the newly built Quito International Airport in Ecuador. This is also the company’s first unit to open with MERA Aeropuertos, which operates many global food brands throughot central and south America.

First Unit in Japan To Open!

03.2011 – Famous Famiglia announces it will open it’s first unit in Japan later this year at the historic and beautifully restored Tokyo Station in the center of Tokyo, Japan. The station services nearly 400,000 passengers daily.

23 Years Of Famous Famiglia!

08.2009 – Famous Famiglia celebrates its 23rd Anniversary! The Kolaj brothers opened the first Famous Famiglia in 1986 in the Upper West Side of New York City. Twenty-three years later, Famous Famiglia currently operates wordwide and has earned several leading industry awards that herald its unsurpassed product quality and unparalleled customer service.